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The Annual General Meeting Chaired by Dr. Leonard Surage was attended by representatives from Member Councils, Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and also representatives of CARICOM, PAHO, CCFP, UWI FMS. The administrative staff of the organization was also in attendance,


Priority Issues Discussed and Conclusions:

  • Role of CAMC
  • Internship
  • Annual Dues
  • CAMC Examinations
  • Specialist Registration
  • Inter-Governmental Agreement                
Role of CAMC

The major function of CAMC at this time was accreditation of internship programs which would allow for

  1. Satisfying the mandate for an individual from a non-accredited program, to have available a satisfactory internship program for placement. With the completion of this program and passing the CAMC Exams, the individual is qualified to be registered to practice in many countries of CARICOM. This would allow for portability of Registration across the region.
  2. The documents for accreditation will be available on the website. Ministries of Health wishing their hospital to be accredited can access these documents. These include information required, sample responses to information requested. Consideration will be given to a hospital applying for accreditation of an individual specialty rotation.

The meeting recognized that the Ministers of Health agreed that NMCs/NMBs would contribute USD1500 annually increased from USD1000. The receipt of these fees was not being realized from the several Councils/Boards. A decision was made to extend an amnesty for uncollected fees to 2012 in the hope that a better response will be achieved. 10 of 21 NMCs/NMBs are so far are up to date with the dues.

The AGM agreed with the resolution that CAMC contributes USD2000 to each of the following Member Islands to assist in the recovery from the hurricanes, These were Anguilla, Dominica, BVI and Antigua/ Barbuda. We were appraised of the situation in Barbuda by the Antiguan Rep. Dr. Walwyn. Funds will be sent based on the information to remit the funds.


Attention was drawn to the status of the present Examination contract. It was agreed at our last meeting that the contract with the UWI would be extended for another year.

The AGM was asked to and approved the following decision moving forward:

  • A new contract will be offered to the current contractors to conduct the examinations to April/May 2019
  • Advertisements will be placed in the media for contractors to apply in January 2018
  • Applications would close, 30th June 2018
  • A decision of the Executive will be presented at the 2018 AGM for approval, following which the selected Contractor would prepare for the October/November 2019 examination
Specialist Registration

CAMC In carrying out the mandate to arrive at a common standard for specialist registration throughout CARICOM decided the approach would be to examine the specialist registration of NMCs in the region and worldwide. The work continues, but it was decided to obtain recommendations from specialist bodies in Jamaica and the draft decision of the Medical Council of Jamaica proposed for their law to be introduced in Jamaica. The final recommendation by a subcommittee would be presented to COHSOD having reviewed additionally the laws in each country. This would have determined where such a recommendation would ensure commonality of interest.

The meeting was assured that this would be concluded but it was emphasized that the required changes were still a long way away.

Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA)

The Executive reported on the action taken which it believed would hasten the long-awaited acceptance of the IGA

  1. It was decided that comprehensive documents concerning presentations to meetings of COHSOD and their conclusions, which involved their support and recognition for the IGA were circulated.
  2. Individuals who were supporters of the need for the implementation of an IGA which would achieve one of the important original mandates for portability of registration were selected.
  3. Through the efforts of the Chairman of CAMC contact was made with Mr. Cecil Dhurjon (retired legal draftsman) to utilize his experience with the drafting of IGAs. It was hoped that this would speed up the process and CAMC was prepared to pay for his services.
  4. Cummings promised to make a presentation involving the difficulties in achieving this important step to the CARICOM Secretariat. It is believed that this was required to ensure our actions over the years would achieve the legal status required.